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Maniacal Renderings

I think for the first time ever I am angered by "bonus" tracks.

Jon Oliva's Pain's newest album comes in three versions. The standard 11 track, a 12 track digipack and a 12 track tin case pack. Both the 12th tracks from the digi and tin packs are different. So basically, there are 13 songs, and unless you want to pay nearly $60+ you can't have them all. WTF? I am used to 1 or 2 bonus tracks being offered, but this concept of different bonus tracks across different albums is horrible. Whats worse is the most likely fact that most stores do not or will not carry multiple versions of the same album, espicially if the band is a relatively unknown group. It is unfair to the fans that can't buy 2 versions of the same album or live in a place where online ordering is the only way to get anything.

I sound like a whiny bitch about this, but I have noticed this trend lately and I personally think it is complete BS.
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