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Fear this! [25 Sep 2007|02:10pm]

Time to get ready for Porcupine Tree's US Tour! Who else is going?

Oh, and I'm sure you all have it already, but if you don't, go check out Porcupine Tree's new album! RIGHT NOW!

Taunt Some Cobras

Rapid Eye Movement [22 Sep 2007|11:41pm]

[ mood | tired ]

The new LP from Polish Prog-metal musicians Riverside is out...more or less. This third full length release, titled Rapid Eye Movement, is the final chapter in the band's series that has been the focus of their creative efforts since their debut.

As expected this album is a well constructed, well thought-out and well played masterpiece of their particular brand of Progressive Rock/Metal. As usual the elements of Pink Floyd, Dream Theater, Opeth and others can be heard throughout, but this time around Riverside has definitely brought their own sound.

So far I haven't found any standout tracks, the entire album is just wonderfully done. Panic Room is the first single, but thats only cause its the most accessible. Give it a listen if you already dig them...and if not, try it anyways.


Taunt Some Cobras

wthn_temptation [01 Sep 2007|09:07am]

Открылось русское сообщество для поклонников замечательной голландской группы Within Temptation.

Taunt Some Cobras

Nightwish and Dark passion Play [20 Jul 2007|11:25am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

So a few promo tracks from Nightwish's new album Dark Passion Play have made it on teh interweb.  I say Promo because so far each of the tracks I have found are low quality (128kb/sec) and have some interruptions, stating the name of the band, the new album and the name of the track.

The two I have really given attention to are Amaranth and Poet and the Pendulum.

Amaranth will probably sum up the entire Nightwish experience with new singer Anette Olzon.  The song starts off with Anette Olzon feeling very, generic.  She sings well and her voice matches with the music, mostly, but its pretty obvious this song was written way before they had anyone lined up for singing it.  By the end of the song, however, I feel entirely used to Anette's brand of vocals and come to welcome them.  Overall from this song I get a "Victoria's Secret" (from Sonata Arctica) vibe...not bad at all.  A few more listens and this song is infectious.  I love it and am glad that Toumas' writing is only getting better...

...which brings me to Poet and the Pendulum, the new 14 minute epic  I need to listen to this one a few more times, but so far I am impressed thoroughly.  The song has the passion and the ove the top thematics of the other two epics that Toumas has written...but it seems to lack the overall undefinable power that was with Ghost Love Score (maybe I am biased...its my favorite Nightwish song to date).  The middle of the song has an unrelenting orchestra section, complete with some cello and violin solo sections.  Again, Anette's voice feels more or less pasted on to this song, but works nicely.  The ending (last 3 minutes) to the song is kind of dull...but its pretty.

Anyways....I really am looking forward to the rest of this album and cant wait till its available over here in the US.  I think Anette has nowhere but up to go from here with Nightwish.  I am sure that by their second attempt with her they'll have her style and vocals dialed down so well that it will be godlike.  For Dark Passion Play I'm gonna have to say it'll probably only be awesome, amazing or stunning...

Taunt Some Cobras

On Nightwish, Eva and the new Singer [29 May 2007|02:45pm]

I guess its just one question...Do ya'll like her so far?  To me she sounds like a mix of Marcela Bovio (Stream of Passion, Ayreon, Elfonia) and the chick from Within Temptation.  The song itself is pretty standard fare Nightwish/Toumas, which is of course excellent.  The direction they've taken since Century Child is awesome and all.

Anyways...initial thoughts on the new singer?
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Need some new bands [11 May 2007|11:55pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

I need some new bands along the lines of Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Riverside, Isis, Nuerosis, God Speed You Black Emperor, Fantomas, Melvins.

Avant Garde, Experimental, etc...

Taunt Some Cobras

Unia > Reckoning Night [18 Apr 2007|06:56pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Getting done with my first listen-through of Sonata Arctica's newest album, Unia, and I can easily say its better than Reckoning Night.

The songs are much more progressive and less over the top-melodic.  There is still the melodic element so don't worry.  So far the only thing lacking is a definitive kick ass song.  It would be hard to top Don't Say a Word...and through my first listen I can't really narrow it down to anything that is balls to the walls awesome, but I think that "Fly With the Black Swan" is the coolest so far.

More to come later.

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Keeping up on the Savatage news [22 Jan 2007|10:10pm]

[ mood | tired ]

From blabbermouth


Read more...Collapse )

Taunt Some Cobras

Some Zak Stevens Love [22 Jan 2007|05:55pm]

As much as I love Zak, Jon is Savatage. There is that time, however, between Criss's death and the monstrosity that is TSO became what is that Savatage was something different. It was a fragile teenage trying to find itself. The result were some of the best prog-metal albums to ever grace the world. Handful of Rain, Dead Winter Dead and Wake of Magellan, easily some of the best out there.

So, here are some good Zak videos on YouTube for all your loving affection.

Dead Winter Dead - 96

Chance - 97

Turns to Me - 97

BTW, go pick up Burden of Truth from Circle II Circle if you haven't yet. Give Zak some love.
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Maniacal Renderings and Burden of Truth [08 Dec 2006|08:32pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Got both these CDs today. Given them both two listens today and I'm ready to give you my initial impressions.

Maniacal Renderings starts of awesome and ends awesome with a little bit of awesome in the middle. Pretty much the entire album drips of just how amazing of a writer Jon Oliva is. The band is in top form this album and the production is definately a step higher than Tage Mahal. Almost all the tracks are incredible so its hard to pick out a single stand out track, but Through the Eyes of the King (strangely reminiscent of In The Hall of the Mountain King) and Maniacal Renderings are probably the best the cd has to offer. Stylistically half the album feels like Mountain King to Streets era Savatage and the other half seems more like Tage Mahal (post Poets & Madmen style). Overall very much a high reccomendation.


Burden of Truth does two things at once to me. It reinforces my opinion that Zak Stevens is one of the most talented straight-metal singers in the game right now. He has such great control, range and dynamics. And his tone is great, in this album more than any other he has ever done. At the same time, I am dissapointed in his writing abilities for himself. When Jon Oliva and O'Neil wrote for him, he did so much more. Not just range wise, but rythmically too. Wake of Magellan and Watching In Silence had some of the most complex vocal arrangements. But Burden of truth just reminds me so much of Middle of Nowhere. There just isnt any pizzazz here. A shame too, cause Zak is capeable of so much more than Circle II Circle has been putting up. At least he is getting to do his own creative expression how he likes it. There is pleanty of overdubbing and canonized singing here too, so you wont miss out there. Your Reality and Evermore are standout tracks, burden of Truth is probably the best track on the album. Hard to reccomend to anyone not already a Zak Stevens fan, but good enough that I'm glad I got it.


I'll probably do full on reviews after I'm done with finals. i want to dissect Burden of Truth to get at the story.

Taunt Some Cobras

3 Videos of Jon Oliva's Pain from 2 weeks ago. [04 Dec 2006|02:37pm]

Of course we all want to see Jon kick some ass. 3 Savatage songs (Edge of Thorns, Warriors and Beyond the Doors) and 1 JOP song. Not terrible quality video. Sound is pretty good.

MORE! BTW, picking up Maniacal Renderings and CIIC's Burden of Truth on Friday. Yeah for Savatage and Co!

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Some new listening reccomendations [02 Dec 2006|12:07am]

[ mood | tired ]

Every once and a while I can drop some good reccomendations that I am sure a few of you haven't heard.
These are the latest...

1 - Riverside's "Second Life Syndrome" Riverside has really taken a hold of me. They're labeled as Prog Metal, and seeing how everything falls there now its no doubt. In truth they are much less flashy than proggers tend to be and focus more on how their subtle instrumentation and vocal tones can paint a total picture that lyrics alone fails to capture. Second Life Syndrome is the second of their albums and the more mature of the two. Their writing reminds me of post Waters Pink Floyd and ,id 90's Fates Warning.

2 - Deep Purple's "In Concert With London Symphony Orchestra" Deep Purple are probably the undisputed champions of live progressive rock. They more or less helped to invent the genre, and of all the early prog bands, the most active and recorded live group. Among their amazing recorded concerts, of which there a bajillion, one really stands out, the 1969 live with LSO. This show comes from a time before many of their hit songs were written, so very few of the Purple standards are performed, but the real draw here is the Concerto for group and Orchestra. John Lord, keyboardist and primary writer for Purple, wrote a 45 or so minute concerto piece that is very reminiscent of Stravinsky and Rachmaninoff. Very powerful. The two other pieces of note in the concert are "Take it Off the Top" and "Wring that Neck". Also of note...this as the first concert Ian Gillian (the legendary Deep Purple vocalist) sang in for Deep Purple.

3 - "Classical Jazz Quartet Plays Rachmanininow" - Impressive jazz quartet arrangement of some of Rachmaninoff's pieces, including melodies snatched from the 2nd and 3rd Piano Concertos. A must hear for any Rachmaninoff fans.

4 - Mozart's Missa [solemnis] in C min (KV139-47a) - Deep, moving and dark Mass proper by one of the god's of music. His Requiem Mass gets all the glory, but this Proper is something not to be missed.

So, there you go. Covered quite a few points of interest there, hope you take the time to check any of them out.

Taunt Some Cobras

New Music? [10 Oct 2006|03:54pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Two inquiry's here. Has anyone heard Jon Oliva's Pain's new album? Or has anyone heard the new Riverside EP, "Voices In My Head?"

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Savatage video [05 Oct 2006|12:42pm]

[ mood | Yay Savatage ]

Here is another recently released 'Tage video. This one from 2002 with Damond singing. Its also featuring Jeff Waters of Annihilator


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Maniacal Renderings [30 Sep 2006|09:58am]

[ mood | angry ]

I think for the first time ever I am angered by "bonus" tracks.

Jon Oliva's Pain's newest album comes in three versions. The standard 11 track, a 12 track digipack and a 12 track tin case pack. Both the 12th tracks from the digi and tin packs are different. So basically, there are 13 songs, and unless you want to pay nearly $60+ you can't have them all. WTF? I am used to 1 or 2 bonus tracks being offered, but this concept of different bonus tracks across different albums is horrible. Whats worse is the most likely fact that most stores do not or will not carry multiple versions of the same album, espicially if the band is a relatively unknown group. It is unfair to the fans that can't buy 2 versions of the same album or live in a place where online ordering is the only way to get anything.

I sound like a whiny bitch about this, but I have noticed this trend lately and I personally think it is complete BS.

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