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savagetheater's Journal

SavageTheater Progressive Rock Community
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Ah, Prog Metal Where would we be without you? We would have no wonderfully long instrumental songs to wow us when the singer walks off stage. We would have no rock opera's where there is more to the story than just to the music. We would have no 25 minute songs that help us pass the time till the next episode of the Simpsons starts.

If you are a fan of any Prog Metal (or its numerous progressive-esque cousins) bands like Savatage, Dream Theater, Symphony X, Nightwish and Fates Warning, then this is the place for you. SavageTheater offers an open forum too all you Proggers that want a place to exchange opinions, band info and whatever...all within the safe confines of your local Live Journal.

Isnt that grand? Yeah, I thought so. Go ahead, sign up and start your postings. And tell your friends. And have them tell their friends, underlings, demons and other assorted minions that SavageTheater is open for buisness.
engelnul - SavageTheater Founder and Member